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Chapter 2 - Incinerators and Oxidizers - US EPA

Table 2.1: Summary of Cost Data for Individual Incinerators and Oxidizers . ... Table 2.3: Catalyst Temperatures Required for Oxidizing 80% of Inlet VOC to ... burner tip, auxili...

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Thermal Incinerator - US EPA

However, the term afterburner is generally appropriate only to describe a thermal ... 1100/C (2000/F) combustion temperature, 1.0 second residence time, and use of an ... Air Flo...

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Canadian designed and built snowmelters used worldwide - Trecan

The secondary burner maintains chamber outlet temperature at a minimum of 1000°C ... When the heating value of the liquid is sufficient, it is burned directly in a high ... Our W...

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Thermal Fume and Catalytic Incinerators - Ohio EPA

A fume incinerator consists of an oxidation chamber, auxiliary fuel source and burner ... Burners are used to increase carrier gas temperature to the desired combustion ... If pr...


Zeeco offers a complete line of liquid and fume incinerators or thermal oxidizers ... Because of the high temperatures associated with incineration, many Zeeco ... Waste Heat Rec...

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Incinerators, Thermal Oxidizers and Catalytic Converter Exhaust ...

Cain Industries fume incineration systems recover lost heat from incinerators, thermal ... As a result, our customers can expect competitively priced products aimed at ... boiler...

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Industrial fume cone gas incineration burner - Selas Heat Technology

Designed for industrial fume incineration applications such as incineration of exhaust ... rates of 25:1 are possible depending on burner application and selection. ... mounted c...

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Incineration Techniques for Control of Volatile Organic Compound ...

manufacturers. Fume incineration, a controlled oxidation process, is a tech- ... the combustion temperature for a required VOC destruction rate. Lower or ... The LEL and heat con...

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Fume Incineration with Combustion Air at Elevated Temperature

combustion air temperature appreciably above ambient. ... investment and operating costs were estimated ... Energy balance diagram and data for wool oven with exhaust burners; re...

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